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Welcome to HYDRA Mainframe. We are HYDRA. We are the destroyers of galaxies. We will bring destruction on all who oppose us.

If one head is chopped off two more shall take its place. If one falls, two more shall rise up, if one is killed, then Hydra's vengeance can never be sated. 

We are always recruiting in the following galaxies: L04, L08, and L13. If you are not in those galaxies please do not apply as we will not accept you. We contain all pacts internally for protection of those who are aligned with us. 

Join Us, or stay out of our way. We do not fear defeat, it just gives us fuel to kill more.
Guild News

HYDRA's first move

EriusMaldex, Feb 28, 12 2:00 PM.
After intelligence reports; Hydra has initiated a full military build up for a possible incursion in the teens and a possible war. HYDRA is building up their military due to this threat.  And now we will make them pay. If a single HYDRA base is attacked, then the entire guild will pay for their crimes against Hydra. Heil Hydra. If one head is chopped off, two more shall take its place.

HYDRA's Formation

EriusMaldex, Feb 25, 12 10:25 AM.
HYDRA has formed up, and is now ready to seek their vengeance on the galaxy for what was done to them. They seek only destruction and misery on their enemies. They fight indiscriminately and is prepared to kill whomever needed.
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